This page has been created to answer all of your FAQs regarding the monthly club payment.

How many sessions does my child receive with this plan?

There is a total of 37 available weeks that we are able to run the tech club at the school and we will be providing 34 sessions where you will only pay for 33. This allows us to keep 3 dates as a contingency for inset days / parent’s evenings or for the adverse weather conditions that we experienced last academic year.

When will we find out the dates for each term?

We will now be using this online termly club view to display what weeks the tech club will be on. This is so schools, parents and our staff all have access to the same information. This can be found on our Clubs Page

How and when do we pay?

You will be enrolling your child for 11 months with sessions taking place from September 2018 – July 2019, a monthly payment of £30 will be collected on the 1st of every month.

Why are you moving to a monthly subscription?

For parents:

  1. We have listened to our customers. A lot of parents requested payment plans and we wanted to make Tech Club feasible for every parent. Moving the club to this affordable payment method ensures that all children get access to the latest technology and the chance to participate.
  2. Less forms for parents to complete on a termly basis.

For us:

  1. It allows us to be more organised and provides us with concrete numbers of children attending.
  2. It helps us create better content and more importantly focus on progression.
  3. Less administration on our part so we can spend more time communicating with parents about what we are doing in clubs and providing continuation work.
What if I would like to cancel the subscription?

No worries! You can cancel your subscription at any time, simply email with your child’s name and the club that they attend. The subscription will be cancelled so no further payments are taken, and you will be refunded for sessions that have not been attended at the rate of £10 per session.

How do I enrol for the monthly subscription?

Simply visit our clubs page


Then simply select the green subscribe button:


I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail

We are working on the instant automation for this, but you will receive a confirmation email by the end of August along with your 10% discount code for holiday camps. If you need the confirmation and discount code sooner, please email