We remove the hassle

In a world where technology is being used by all ages across the globe, more and more efficient technology is constantly being updated to accelerate pupils learning. We understand with schools facing constant budget cuts, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game. We remove the hassle of staff training and high equipment costs by providing our own teachers and equipment for your PPA cover.

What we offer

We have the initial costs of purchasing covered and are further responsible for the maintenance and storage of a vast array of specialised and extensive equipment. We can also provide detailed lesson plans and training for your own staff members. As technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important, the skills that Next Thing is developing in students are effectively setting them up well for their techno-future. We provide powerful tools that give students a head start in their education and the future jobs market. We are helping to future-proof their learning and make sure that they are a step ahead of the game. We are also aware of the equality in this sector, in particular, encouraging girls to take an interest in coding, engineering and technology.

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We are passionate about helping children build technical skills from a school age.

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