Fall in love with technology


Let your little tech wizard go on an adventure designed just for them. Located at one of your local schools, our exciting holiday camps are the perfect place for your child to continue their love affair with technology! Available for Summer, Easter and half-term holidays.


While we are a great child care resource, we care most about providing enrichment activities that will increase your child’s technical skills from a young age. We are unique in that your child not only has lots of fun at camp, they are also learning about programming and coding to help set them up for their future careers. With multiple games and activities, based at different locations across the South East, we have got camps that will WOW children of all ages and abilities. We also run one day or two-day courses, so you can decide what length suits you best. These camps are packed to the brim with fun activities, so there is plenty to keep kids entertained all day.


It’s a fun-filled holiday with Minecraft, 3D printing, droid building and virtual reality being just some of the activities that your child will experience. Beneath the flash and excitement of our camps, children are learning key skills that they can apply to all of their academic studies. Our main mission is to help children understand technology, to achieve this, we make learning fun! Watch them conquer new challenges and equip themselves with tech skills for life.


Our camps are aimed at Key Stage II aged pupils, but if your tech lover is older or younger please contact us so we can recommend which of our clubs may work for them.


 February Half-Term Camps

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