Reliving our Summer of Fun!

October half-term is just around the corner and we have been so busy preparing for it that we completely forgot to relive our favourite Summer camp memories. So here goes!

We had over 100 camps running over the Summer. That’s right, 100 camps! Our staff where absolutely amazing and put 100% of their energy into every camp. This also meant that lots of children go the opportunity to attend, something that we only get to do in the Summer with the other holidays being so short.

It all began with those Summer days when it was almost too hot to stay outside – a perfect excuse to get stuck into tech camp. We have six different activities on offer over the course of two days including Minecraft, Digital DJing, 3D Printing, App Creation, Robot Programming.

3D printing is the future, from making Pizza to creating three dimensional objects in your own living room to even creating human organs! It really is mind blowing. We introduced our camp goers to this future world by letting them create and shape their own 3D models using 3D pens. One child told us it was his dream to “make the Eiffel Tower” and had even brought a picture of it with him. Our teachers replied “If you can dream it, you can do it” and with that Disney inspired encouragement he created something magical:

A little Paris – Creating real world objects from filament is bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds and gives children an insight into the future of buying and selling goods.


Say Hello to Cosmo! He is a Robot with a  cute and quirky personality – running an artificial intelligence engine that learns more about you the more you play. Cosmo is full of technology with motors and gears that allow him to move, count, learn names, speak and play. Our children used basic programming skills and block based coding to get Cosmo to move around obstacle courses and obey commands.


Cosmo can’t wait to make new friends at the upcoming camps!


Getting Crafty with FizzBits

Some of our children were awarded Fizz Bits at the end of camp so they could make their own buzzing Robots at home. Perfect for Robot races and dance battles. We see this as an opportunity to encourage children to carry on learning key skills long after tech camp ends.  It allows them to get creative and design their own individual robots which with the USB fizz bit provides hours of entertainment. A great activity to get started learning about tech, easily and inexpensively, with step by step instructions.


Kids get excited! At the end of Summer camps, our camp goers can now program robots, create Minecraft Mods and most importantly, they learned how to apply these skills to real life situations. Here are just a few of the children who shared their favourite part of Summer camps with us:

We make learning creative and problem-solving skills fun and easy. So, if your kid wants to become an engineer, scientist or maker, we invest in them and give them the foundations for a long reaching and totally awesome career.


One quick note before we sign off – we now have 5 day long camps for October half-term plus extended hours! Just making it a little bit more convenient for our busy parents.