What Makes a Good Kids App?

Most of our kids now use apps every single day. So much so, it’s difficult to now imagine a world without them. The world of apps can also be overwhelming – that’s because it is! There are thousands of apps now available for our kids, but we want to choose the best. Whether you’re looking for an education app or a gaming app – you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.  

We love tech at Next Thing Education. Our camps are dedicated to teaching children all things robotics, programming and loads more tech-based activities. We use apps for lots of our activities across our camps, which is why we’ve put together a simple guide on what we look out for before choosing an app to use in our activities.  


1. Is this app designed for the appropriate age range?  

Lots of kids apps market themselves as being suitable for children, despite containing content which is often too mature for them. When choosing an app, make sure you look at the descriptions and screenshots in the app store listing. If it has clear content and indicates the age range for users, it should mean the creators are being transparent. If descriptions are vague and lack honest reviews, make sure you download the app and look yourself before allowing your child to use it.  


2. Is this app trying to make money off kids?  

Always question the motive behind any new app. Parents and carers often forget that most apps are designed to make money, rather than offer educational value. Be sure to trial the app and be aware of advertisements, in-app purchases, addictive content before making the decision to download for your child.  


3. Does this app offer real educational value?  

One of the most important things to consider before letting your child access a new app is to question whether it provides enough value. Of course, we want our kids to have fun, but educational messaging is always a bonus! Make sure you monitor how your child interacts with the app, or whether the app is low quality or additive. Try and look out for apps that demonstrate good behaviours and inspire kids.  


There are lots of considerations to make when choosing what your tech-savvy child can access on their devices. Our ideas and suggestions are only a baseline, so if you would like to adopt a stricter or more relaxed approach then do – you know your child best!